Hey, the Superbowl is today!  I need to make a prediction!  IT’S NECESSARY!  Considering that the weather is looking pretty clear and not too cold at MetLife, I’m going to roll with the Broncos over the Seahawks.

Let’s say… Broncos 27, Seahawks 23.


The next livestream will be this Friday, January 31st at 7pm est!  I hope to see a bunch of you guys there; the fun doodling suggestions you provided last time created this… thing.  Neat!

Naturally, there will be Disney music playing in the background, and after the doodling bit, we’ll continue the Twilight Princess run!  Where we last left off, Link acquired the third fused shadow, but Zant appeared and totally messed stuff up!  Nooooooo!

You can view the stream either here or here.

See you then!


I never plan for each week to have a theme, but I guess it turned out to be “old children’s television reference” week.  This time, we’ve got a mashup of Don’t Starve and Dexter’s Laboratory, but more specifically, Action Hank.

He’s cool.  He’s rugged.  And he’s got the baddest beard in town.  

If you never had the good fortune to see the Action Hank episode, check it out here!

I can only wonder what Wilson’s beard could do if he showed up.  Sadly, we may never know…

Jackie and I often have silly conversations when she arrives home, but they almost always start out the same way.

“How was school?” I’d say (she’s a teacher).

“It was really school,” she’d respond.

From there, our conversation could go anywhere.  Our most recent one, for example, somehow ended up on the topic of “long” asses.  I really don’t know what a long ass is/means, but according to Jackie, she has a long ass.

“Oh man,” I said, “your ass is so long, that if it was a face, it’d be a horse’s.”

We had a small chuckle at the supremely dumb joke, and moved on with our lives… until five minutes later when I called out the door to her.

“Wait, I have a better version of the dumb joke!  Your ass is so long, that if it was a face, you’d walk into a bar and the bartender would say, ‘Sorry, we don’t serve horses.'”

Then we started actually laughing.  We’re sophisticated.