The next livestream will be this Friday, March 14th at 7pm est!  We finished up the Eternal Darkness run last time, so there will be a new game to play.  What it is, however… I don’t know yet.


See you then!


After a bit of a hiatus, I finally finished up my first playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Normally, when I beat a game, I move away from it for a while, but FE:A was so super fun that it warranted an immediate second run.

On “lunatic” mode.

How hard could it be?

Incredibly hard.  Actually, borderline palpably unfair hard.

In lunatic mode, any character not named Frederick is a strong candidate to get one-shotted by an enemy.  Additionally, any character not named Frederick is about as strong as a vanilla wafer.

This poses some serious problems.  If either Chrom or the Main Unit dies, it’s game over.  If Frederick dies, you have absolutely no chance of winning.  If Lissa dies, you might be able to deal with it (if you aren’t playing on classic mode).

I’ve been told that the first five levels of lunatic mode are super difficult to get through, but things level out afterwards.

My current opinion regarding that fact: I have no idea.  Despite my best efforts I’ve only managed to make it to chapter three at the time of this writing.  Also, Frederick’s silver spear/lance/whatever broke… which was the only quality weapon we had.

Difficulty aside, the most important thing is the game’s enjoyability.  Is lunatic mode fun?

I… I’m not sure.  I think I’m having fun.

Then again, I spend more time yelling at my 3DS and angrily rolling my eyes than actually playing the game.

So… maybe?