Hey!  The next livestream will be this Friday, April 25th at 7pm est!  As always, I’ll doodle your suggestions, chat about nonsense, and tone-deaf-sing-along to some Disney music!  Crazy!

Afterwards, we’ll continue the FEZ run (unless FEZ causes me another mental breakdown… more on that in a bit).

You can watch the stream here or here.

See you then!


Just one more Civilization comic before (probably) moving on to another game.  I find it kind of strange that playing just a few hours of Civilization V spawned more comics than running FFX over the last two weeks.

Civ man, it’s fun stuff…

…unless you live in a peninsula city between an enemy ship and a friendly naval unit.

In the Civ games I’ve played, you’re able to move your naval units through costal cities, which is often useful when they’re located in archipelagoes.  What I never knew (or at least the situation never came up until now) is that your naval units can fire through friendly cities when enemies are on the other side.

When my submarine shot a torpedo straight through my capital city, it was impossible not to giggle.

On the opposite end of the emotion spectrum, FEZ is an anxiety factory.  During the last livestream, when I wasn’t missing jumps, totally failing at puzzles, or learning that I needed a QR code scanner, I was in what I assume is called the lava room, a delightful location where you must guide your Fez dude through a series of jumping obstacles in order to escape rising lava.

I spent roughly twenty to thirty minutes trying to navigate the level, and each death was more agonizing than the last.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a condensed version of my trip through hell:

After finally making it through the room and ending the stream, I actually just sat in my chair, shaking, for a while.


Like I had PTSD or something.

From this, I can conclude two things: I am really not good at FEZ, and I should invest in Xanax or something.