Heya!  The next livestream will be this Friday, May 23rd at 7pm est!  You guys have been asking for some strange doodle combinations lately, so I can’t wait to see what you roll out next!  Afterwards, there will be more games!  I’m not sure if we finished up all of Surgeon Simulator yet, so I’ll have a backup just in case.

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


That makes three Resident Evil 4 strips in a row… when will the madness stop?

I don’t mean playing RE4, by the way, I mean Leon’s magical attache case.  Generally, I love RE4’s item management system; it’s basically a game in it’s own right.  What bothers the heck out of me, however, is the Leon can store a fish right next to his rocket launcher.

That’s gross.

I wouldn’t want to have my weapons covered in fish gunk, why is Leon ok with it?

There’s also the issue with eggs… which are another set of items that our American hero keeps stored with his high-powered weaponry.  Once an item is placed inside the case, it apparently never moves or bumps into anything near it, otherwise Leon would open his case and find a bunch of smashed eggs mucking everything up.

Also, food items don’t keep forever, but in Leon’s supernatural attache case they do!  The merchant must have lost his ability to smell, otherwise he wouldn’t buy anything Leon peddles.

Rich and I finished our RE4 run this week (although I’m still playing it through multiple new game +’s on twitch), and while I’ve played it a decent amount of times in the past, this was the first run experienced in surround sound.  To those of you with surround sound systems in you home, that stuff is amazing.  There was just something so wonderfully fantastic about being able to pinpoint the exact location of an offscreen enemy based solely on audio.

We’ve since moved on to Tales of Xillia, which I haven’t played.  You guys might be aware that Tales of Symphonia is my favorite game and that I love the Tales series in general, so I’m super excited!