The next livestream will be this Friday, May 30th at 7pm est!  There will be doodling, there will be Disney music, and there will be games afterward!

Enough of you guys asked for a specific game over the last week, so after the doodle we’ll play…

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY!  Like, together and stuff!

I don’t remember what CAH website was linked during last week’s stream, but I’ll hopefully find it in time!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


Rich and I are about eight to ten hours into the Tales of Xillia run, and if there’s anything that has stood out as super bizarre, it’s the facial expressions…

…the unsettling lack of them.  Sure, Jude and Alvin have popped a suave face every now and again, but for the most part every plot twist, every exclamation, every revelation has been met with the following expression:

Blank stare, mouth opens up a little bit.

It’s really… weird.

To be fair, Ivar has displayed a bunch of wacky faces, but he’s not a playable character (thus far, anyway) and he’s only had a few minutes of screen time.

Who wants to hear a story about urine?


Well… here goes:

On a fateful trip to the water closet late Tuesday night, everything was as it should be: the seat was carefully lifted up, my pants were unzipped, and the graveyard of old toilet paper rolls was undisturbed.

The mood was just right.

I began to relieve myself.

Often times I find that I zone out while in the bathroom; my brain goes into standby mode until my bladder fully empties and reactivates afterward to flush/zip/wash hands/etc.  These zone out periods are super relaxing, but are slightly dangerous; if someone is forcibly disturbed during such a session, the consequences could be dire.

I felt something shuffle over my foot, looked down, then saw-

a cockroach.

I’m not the type of guy to get freaked out by bugs, however, this thing slithered over me while in “zone out mode.”

Naturally, I freaked the heck out.  Hands went flying, legs shuffled, shorts fell to the floor… if anyone had witnessed it, they’d swear and invisible man was trying to wrestle me to the ground.

Such a thing normally wouldn’t be a problem, but I was in mid-pee.

Pee.  Was.  Everywhere.

On the rim, on the seat (which was up) on the back rest/cover thing, on the floor, and mercifully, some managed to get in the toilet.

Curse you cockroach.  Curse you to heck.