Heya!  So I’m back from the camp work weekend (more on that in a bit), so the next stream will be this Friday, June 13th at 7pm est!

See you then!


This past weekend I was up at my summer camp performing some preliminary work before it opens next month, and it was a lot of fun!  Though I was tasked with setting up a new computer room, the other counselors did neat stuff like painting bathrooms, chopping down trees, and… counting beds.

Counting beds is cool, man!  Don’t hate on counting beds!

While the work was fun, the true star of the weekend was the wildlife.

For example, there was this huge porcupine that was milling around camp on Friday, which we got  a good look at when it climbed up a tree.  He was a portly, black/white mix critter, pretty memorable.

About an hour later we went into town for dinner and along the road, there was a porcupine that looked exactly like the one we saw in camp…


I don’t know if that was the same guy, but it certainly looked like him.  Had we a bottle of wine, we’d have poured it out.

It’s not out of the ordinary to see roadkill upstate, but as the weekend went on, we saw more and more dead animals.  Squirrels, chipmunks, etc… but the deer, oh god there were so many dead deer.

During the drive home, we saw no less than ten deer littered along the highway.

The interstate was a venison fiesta of the highest order.