Oh, Jill.

I’ve been having an absolute blast playing the REmake in the bits of spare time I’ve had, but there seems to be an awfully large amount of “video game logic” moments so far.  In order to open up a previously hidden pathway, Jill must collect some sheet music and play it on the mansion’s piano.

Sure, there are some strange, totally contrived puzzles littered about the place, but the piano thing really gets me.

In the world of “I’m playing a video game and any inter-actable item totally exists for a reason here’s some sheet music let’s play it” it makes sense to believe that playing the piano would do something.

…but in the world of Jill Valentine, there’s no particular reason to even try that.  It’s a mansion, mansions have pianos and sheet music and what-have-you.

No big deal.

Again, nitpicky; I’m totally in love with the game in every regard.

The atmosphere is just too good.

Speaking of, it’s been raining like crazy up here.  Tuesday night we had the biggest thunderstorm I’ve seen here in ten years, and while it might sound that way, that’s not hyperbole.

Lightning strikes multiple times a minute, booming thunder, sideways rain… this storm had it all.  I was sitting in the director’s cabin with my friend Kristiyan when he remarked, “I wish you had your computer right now.”

“Me too man, I really want to play Resident Evil with the stormy mood.”

“I KNOW!” he said.

Unfortunately, my cabin was roughly 100 yards away, too big a distance to run in the middle of super-electric-fun-time-rain-land.