I played through Resident Evil last week, and figured that it’d be silly not to play RE2.

That’s been a bit difficult however, as this is the second (and final) week of first session up at camp which means I have a ton of random work to get done.  So many photos to go through, so much footage to label, so much tedious nonsense… but it’ll be worth it when it’s finished!

I hope!

On another camp note: one of the supply runs included the purchase of a big hunting knife, complete with survival rope and flint-stick.  My friend Kristiyan and I both tried shaving with it, and it’s totally sharp enough!  Our test shaves involved our legs, but Kristiyan wants to really go gung-ho and shave his face.

He has also asked me to record him doing so.

If this goes down, hopefully he’ll greenlight me to put it up here, cause that’d look pretty neat!

Finally… new batch of kids next week!  SHOULD BE EXCITING!