The Resident Evil kick I’ve been on for what seems like the past five months might not be over.  Then again, the chances that I’m going to buy a remake of a remake of a so on and so forth is kind of low…

…I guess I’ll just play the version I have again.

After I play some other RE’s.

…and really, remastering the Gamecube REmake?  Why not totally redo Resident Evil 2?!  That’d sell!

By the way, camp is almost over!  I’ll be back in the city on Monday, and while I’m not so sure that the livestreams will start next week, chances are that Friday, August 29th will be the first regular doodle stream of the season!

There will probably be some Twitch streaming before that date, I’ll let you guys know when that’s happening!

Quick note regarding the large quantities of vinegar I drank last week: I mentioned it to the nurse, and after grimacing a little she recommended that I never do that again.

My vinegar drinking career has come to a sudden end…