I’m back at home!  Crazy!

Camp is all over, and despite the fact that I spent more time than ever holed up in my tech dungeon, it was super fun!  That said, I’m glad to be back in the city where there are friends, delicious polluted air, and real internet.

Which means I’ll get to see all you guys on livestreams soon!  Woooooooooooo!

Also, I’ll get to tell that story I mentioned from a month or so ago.

Anyway, regarding today’s strip I’ve had some interviews recently and in opposition to cartoon me, I totally resisted the urge to say something stupid.  That’s a huge check in the win column.

Totally random interview note time:  During one of the conversations Corpse Run came up and the interviewer asked to see it.  I said sure and she took a look.

While she browsed, I mentioned that Jackie had a running joke about how the strip is basically a mish-mash of obscure references.  “There was an old one,” I went on, “where it was a mashup of the music program in Mario Paint and Amadeus.”

I love Amadeus, it’s my favorite movie,” she said.

“OH MY GOD ME TOO HOLY HECK!” I (totally paraphrased) responded.

We then talked about Amadeus for a while and how it’s so awesome, as well as how the director’s cut totally ruins the story.

It was really neat to meet someone that held the same undying love for Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham.

Hopefully I get the job!  HELP ME, MR. HULCE!