The next livestream will be this Friday, November 14th at 7pm est!  Doodling will be back, and we’ll also play the bonus case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!


See you then!


The only things that’re missing from my grocery supplies are bread (for the fluffernutters) and garbage bags.  Otherwise, that’s all I purchased when I went to the store with Jackie on Saturday.

There’s something a little weird, by the way, about standing in the cleaning supplies aisle staring at the different poisons.  They have ant poison, roach poison, bed bug poison, mouse traps, general bug/wasp poisons…

When I stood in front of the menagerie of deadly substances, it was kind of uncomfortable when other shoppers walked by.  They’re totally staring at me, wondering what infestation my apartment has.

I feel those eyes.

Regarding my food selection, I’d like to state that the day prior I purchased real foodstuff: eggs and veggies and what-have-you.  I just had a real strong fluffernutter craving… DON’T WE ALL?

Yes we do.  Anyone who says otherwise has never had a fluffernutter.