Just a reminder, I will be on a business trip during the later half of this week and will be unable to stream… we’ll pick up again next week!

See you then!


I haven’t started playing a new run of FF9, but Jackie and A.C. are still doing their run.  Currently they have made it just past the Ice Cavern, everyones’ favorite chilly inner mountain pathway.

FF9 updates as they come!

My Youtube channel hasn’t had anything new in a couple of months, so I figured “hey, why not record doodling a strip and put that up?”  Here is a [very sped up] clip of making today’s strip:

Coupe of things:

  1. This could be a regular thing, maybe something like once a month.
  2. I shouldn’t have put the camera over my right shoulder, my arm covers a lot of the screen.
  3. I should clean my keyboard.

So… yeah!  Let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in being a regular thing!