Let’s start with the idea that no matter which inversion or non-inversion you prefer when it comes to camera controls in video games, it’s heinous that some games still do not offer the option to switch.

The situation described in the comic above?  Absolutely unforgivable.  I happened to be playing Darksiders 2, maybe the option exists in other versions of the game (I was playing the Wii U one), but I was blown away that you could only invert the Y axis.

Here’s my perspective: when I push left on the camera stick, I don’t want the camera to rotate left, I want the camera to move left in relation to the onscreen character.  In that case, the camera would “turn” right.

That makes sense to me.

Think of it like you’re moving Lakitu in Mario 64 and Lakitu is Zelda-esque Z-Targeted to Mario.

Rich and I have argued about this in the past, he’s in the “rotating the camera” camp.


Which side are you on?

The Carolina Reapers haven’t shown up yet, by the way.  Hopefully those will get here soon!