The next livestream will be this Friday, September 18th at 7pm est!  We’re gonna doodle your suggestions!  We’re gonna chat!  We’re gonna listen to Disney music!


After the doodle, we’ll continue Borderlands 2-ing!

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See you then!


Oh Mario, you rascal you!

I totally forgot to mention one camp story in particular on last week’s stream, so I figure here in the post is a good spot.

We needed some whistles for Color War so I went into town.  After hitting up the supermarket, the dollar store, and the tractor supply store (which has lots of outdoors-y stuff), there were none to be found.

This town was completely devoid of whistles.

It was whistle-less.

There was a hardware store near where I had parked, so I figured “may as well” and dipped inside.

There were two clerks standing there talking to each other.  They quickly noticed me and one said, “Hi, can we help you find anything?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m looking for whistles.”

They slowly turned to each other, beamed huge smiles, whipped their heads back to me, and said in unison, “DO WE!”

These guys were wayyyyy excited and practically dragged me to the whistles.

They had four, which was enough, but I figured we should get some extra so I asked if they had more in the back.

The clerk was blown away.  “Hey [other clerk… let’s say bob], this guy wants more whistles… THIS GUY IS BUYING ALL THE WHISTLES!”

Bob was roaring in jubilation… and then showed me the morse code guide on the back of the packaging.

…these guys were really excited about the whistles.  So excited that I eventually asked what all the fuss was about.

“Every year they give us whistles and hardly anyone ever buys them,” he said.  “Guess how many whistles we’ve sold this year?”

“I don’t know, like, twenty?” I replied.

“Two,” he said.  “You’ve literally doubled our whistle sales today.”

Whistles, man… whistles.