Just a reminder, I will be away for a work meeting Saturday morning so there won’t be a stream Friday night.

I’ll try to make up for it with some extra Twitch streaming!


So I’m back from jury duty just in time to make a comic, that’s fortunate!  We were asked to stay off social media/etc during our time there, and I wasn’t sure if posting Kat’s Korners would be ok.

My apologies for not posting anything while serving on JD.

I can’t really say anything about courtroom stuff, but what I can say is that they told us there would be coffee provided to all jurors in the big waiting area.

There was coffee…

…for like fifteen minutes.

After they ran out (which was bound to happen considering there were like 300 of us waiting for our names to be called) they never refilled the coffee station.

No coffee.

Waiting for hours.