The next livestream will be this Friday, October 16th at 7pm est!

See you then!


After a week long fiesta of video games, video games, and video games, my vacation is over, shucks!  It was a heck of a good time however, and I played some… interesting games.

Rich and I finished up our Mario 64 120 star run, his old FFXIII run that was never finished, started a Tales of Graces run (but stopped because it was shockingly boring), played a lot of Wetrix, some NFL Blitz, Super Mario Maker, and likely some other things that I’m forgetting.

Then Chris flew in and introduced some pretty wild stuff:

  • Duck Game
  • Mount Your Friends
  • Capsule Force
  • Gang Beasts

Let’s take a second to talk about Gang Beasts.  This thing is a riot.  You’re dudes dressed up in mascot-esque costumes (I think, anyway) beating the heck out of each other and then trowing them out of the ring/into a fire pit/off of a scaffold/into a huge spinning fan/into a grinder/etc.

The controls are super wonky and the graphics are really mellow and mild (turn off the music for the best effect), so the entire game is just… so… bizarre.

I was constantly losing my mind laughing while playing, it’s soooooo funny.

The ferris wheel level, oh my god.

The ferris wheel level.