Fortunately, what was mentioned in the above strip didn’t actually happen; no one peed in their beer to have more “beer.”

That said, there were little stands over the urinals at the Barclay’s Center when Rich and I went to that Islanders game a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently people constantly need to have a beer there…

…which they shouldn’t considering how pricey that stuff is in the arena.

For the amount you spend on beer there you could buy two kegs anywhere else.  Don’t know where I’d store that, though.

What I am great at storing however, is milk.

Specifically, the milk I bought when Jackie and I ate the Carolina Reapers.  She mentioned to me recently to toss out the milk I had since it went bad.  “I don’t have any milk” I responded.

so rarely purchase milk that I assumed any milk in the fridge must have been Jackie’s.

To be fair, it wasn’t milk anymore.  When I went to pour it out… it was cheese.

Sludge-y cheese that plopped out of the carton in slimy cheese-y lumps.

…it was kind of beautiful to witness.