Ok, it took a couple of days to convalesce, but I’m totally alive!

Still hawking up a lot of phlegm and my back still hurts, but generally feeling better, so that’s nice.

What isn’t totally nice is that I saw a new trailer for the FF7 remake that happened to feature some gameplay.  On the positive side, everything is gorgeous… but we knew it would be.  While seeing Cloud walk around Midgar in stunningly awesome HD was nice, I couldn’t help but feel that it looked really similar to how you move through FF13, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Then there was the battle system.  To be fair, it’s totally possible that the difference is merely in the visuals, but considering that it looked a bit strange coupled with the fact that they’ve stated that things will be different and I have my doubts.  Keep in mind that materia is integral not just to the battle system, but the narrative… I hope they don’t change too much.

We had an office holiday party on Tuesday, by the way.  Our office manager was setting up decorations an was told that he had to move a Santa hat he put on a… modern art thing… that we had.  He couldn’t understand why at first, I’ll let you guys be the judge:


He eventually saw “it” and was rolling on the floor in hysterics.