PSA: Just finished up the second case of Aviary Attorney and it’s still absolutely fantastic.  Equal parts charming and thought provoking.

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A last little harping on the Fine Brothers situation from last week.  A quick recap:

  • For years the Fine Bros make react videos (high production value, but still react videos)
  • Fine Bros get other react videos and channels shut down during this time
  • Last week they announce React World, a new licensing thing where other people can make react videos under their guidance and pay them through profit sharing
  • They trademark a number of phrases, including just the word “React”
  • Everyone flips out
  • They lose 100k subscribers
  • They make an update video “apologizing” for “confusing” us and try to explain what react world is and how they don’t take down other react videos
  • Tons of proof of the exact pops up
  • They lose another 200k or so subscribers
  • They announce they have rescinded their trademarks and React World is no more

The outcome is a positive thing because it sends a message to other companies that people can call them on their BS.  The outcome is a negative thing because companies will learn not to say anything until their trademark applications have gone through.

Personally, I still think the Fine Bros are scummy folks and people should avoid their content as much as possible.  Their bold faced lying about the situation and their bullying of other react videos and channel are enough for me to not trust anything they say moving forward.

Finally, this awesome video James Lee was made in response to their actions:

Gosh, that’s just perfect.