Ok, so I more or less done with Fallout 4.  After sucking it up I forced myself through one of the options for the game’s finale and immediately started playing New Vegas instead.

All of the Fallout 4 factions… they’re all doing the wrong thing in one way or another.  To avoid giving too much away, I won’t say exactly what the factions do or think, but more or less everyone makes the same mistake:

Thinking that they are absolutely, 100% correct all the time with no room for error.

Regarding the “robots are people” folks… well, I just don’t agree with them at all.  Sure, some of the robots in the game have human characteristics and part of me wants to sympathize with them, but I can’t forget the fact that they are still robots and for all of their “intelligence” it’s really just sophisticated programming.

…but it’s not like I can’t feel for robots in other media.  Say Claptrap in the Borderlands series, I like him and treat him like a human… but that’s a world where the supernatural exists so I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.  In Fallout, there is no supernatural element, so robots are just robots.

Think like the robots in Interstellar… you can talk with them, have laughs with them, even feel a real friendship with them, but in the end they’re just tools and everyone understands that, even the robots.

…and it’s not like I can’t feel emotion for things that aren’t biologically real either.  I can read a book and feel for a character, relate to them, etc, but at the end of the day I know that, say, Harry Potter isn’t a real person, he’s an idea.

So yeah… Fallout 4 “robots are people” people, don’t drag the rest of the class down with you.

Finally, paying off the superbowl bet: