Off to London again for work!  Planes are cool!  FLYING THROUGH THE SKY WHILE WATCHING MOVIES AND STUFF?  YES PLEASE.

Planes are neat!  Planes planes planes planes.

Also, if any of you are London…ers… let me know what to check out while I’m there.  I spent my free time there last year checking out museums and stuff, so if there ‘s anything that’s worthwhile, I want to know!

Quick notes on Street Fighter 5, which I tried to play Tuesday night:

  • The game kept crashing every 15 or so minutes, so I checked online to see what was up.  According to them, they said you need to update your graphics drivers…
  • …so I did.  Still crashing.
  • Then they’re like, “if you’re still crashing, you should whitelist SF5”
  • …so I did.  Still crashing.
  • Eventually I found that if you have a Wacom tablet connected to your computer, it’ll crash the game ever 15 mins… awesome.
  • Now, my wacom cintiq is also one of my monitors, but unplugging just the usb worked… but I feel as though I shouldn’t have to do that every time I want to play a game.

Other notes:

  • “Story Mode” is a joke.  Each character has just two or three fights in their “story.”  Calling these stories “truncated” isn’t doing them justice, these are literally tiny blurbs that don’t show us anything interesting.
  • Some of the characters constantly act stupid:
    • Fat character keeps talking about food, eating, his hunger, when he’s going to eat again, that he’s hungry… and then he steals doughnuts… it’s pretty ridiculous
    • One character fights with her butt.
      • HER BUTT
    • Mean characters are mean, yo
  • They have other SF characters show up in the story mode, making me wish they were in the game instead of the new folks.
  • The story mode imagery looks like it was made by the winner of fanart competition.


    • WTF
    • I waited about 15 mins to get a single match before giving up.  Old college roomie Chris mentioned that he started a match search, then baked a loaf of banana bread, came back, and still didn’t have a match yet… unbelievable.
    • I get that problems have occurred on day one before, but this game was beta testing for a while and to not have properly stress tested their serves by now seems pretty dumb.

Still fun to play, though… and eventually these problems will be fixed I guess.  There’s always Them’s Fighting Herds to look forward to!