aaaaaaaaaaaand I’m back in the city!  In the last week I flew to LA, did four presentations for work, flew back, participated in the Whisky party, then did another two presentations for work.

…I’m beat right now.  Like, super duper tired.  Like… I took a nap before making this strip and couldn’t move for a while after waking up, sleep provided zero refreshment.

Daylight savings springing forward didn’t help, either.

A note on the whiskey party:

There’s a part at the end of the whiskey test where everyone has to do a blind tasting and identify the whiskies we had.  There are also two palate cleansers, one from Lima and one from me.  Contestants would have to identify that they were drinking a palate cleanser, what it was, and who it was from.

We were both a little devious with our palate cleansers.  Initially I was going to do a mix of wasabi and vegemite, but then Lima’s cleanser inspired me to be evil.  Her cleanser?  Hennesy.

We put that one first, figuring that everyone would assume it was a whiskey.

The last item was my palate cleanser, which was a mix of all the whiskies we had.

Oddly enough, the one drink that everyone was grimacing at and figured I made something gross for them… Larceny, which is a regular bourbon.

I guess they just reallly didn’t like that one, but then again they were drinking it earlier in the evening with no issue so…