What?  It’s not like it’d burn down the apartment… again.

Seriously though, playing Crysis 3 on ultra settings at 1440p turns my computer into a space heater more than capable of heating up a small room.  I started sweating after 20 minutes of loading it up.

The game itself, however?  Not my cup of tea.  Or water.  Or anything, really.

It’s a totally mediocre shooter that attempts to mask its meh-ness by adding a number of lame abilities to the player character’s endo-suit-thing.  Armor?  That basically means you can’t die for a while.  Invisibility?  Gets you out of nearly any sticky situation.

It’s tough to convince the player that they’re in the middle of a life or death scenario when they are playing as a human tank that’s also a ninja.

The only thing Crysis 3 really has going for it are the graphics, it’s super duper pretty.

…but super duper unremarkable otherwise.

Or maybe I’m just not that big a fan of FPS-es that aren’t Borderlands.