There’s a Phoenix Wright anime that just started running recently.  If you’re a fan of the games, you should absolutely watch it.  If you haven’t played the games, you should drop everything you’re currently doing, burn your schedule for the foreseeable future, and then play the games.

Shoutout to the law of unintended consequences, which gave me this interesting cause/effect this weekend.

My coworker told me about a dream he had —–> a vacationing Brazilian couple found the Museum of Modern Art

How did one thing lead to another?  Here’s how:

  • Coworker told be about his dream early Friday morning
  • I respond by mentioning a dream I had as a kid
  • Coworker says to animate it
  • I figure… ok fine
  • Make a run cycle
  • Office internet crashes
  • Office internet is still down at 5pm
  • The run cycle images I made can’t be emailed, and all my external hard drives (on me, anyway) were NTFS and the doodles were made on a Mac
  • I leave everything on the Mac
  • Go to Rich’s on Saturday
  • Wake up Sunday and figure “let me stop at the office on the way back”
  • Stop at the office, email files
  • Go to train
  • Couple holding a map flag me down
  • They’re trying to get to the MoMA
  • I point them where they need to go
  • They wander off
  • I figure that they might not really understand what I said (they were from Brazil and had very very very broken English
  • Travel one train stop with them, then lead them around the station to the train they needed
  • Go home and so on…

Coworker has a dream, tourists make their way to see some paintings and stuff.