I’m nearing the end of my FFX HD Remastered run, and the only thing that I really have to stress is that the international sphere grid is the best darn difference between this version and the original US release.

The ability to have any character easily go down any tree is absolutely fantastic.  While for the most part I pushed my team into their traditional roles, there have been some deviations from the norm (Khimari is a second Tidus, Rikku is a second Yuna), plus minor detours that people have taken (Tidus and Khimari getting Steal and Use, Wakka taking a trip to the mid-tier magic, etc).

Also, Auroun somehow got to Quick Hit before Tidus, which is silly-tastic.

It likely will never be in my list of favorite RPGs (or even Final Fantasies), but I’ll admit that this playthough has been an absolute pleasure thus far, even if you can’t use Al Bhed Potions outside of battle.