The power at camp is back!

After talking with the power company, here’s the rundown of what happened:

Despite testing all the new equipment that was installed over the course of the offseason which told us that we wouldn’t overload the transformer, we totally overloaded the transformer and blew out the power to a section of camp.

The power company sent someone that night (which was kind of impressive as it was midnight) to take care of the issue.  By morning we were back up an running…

…but since they thought we were likely to blow the power again, they decided to replace the transformer…

…which was on a pole on a hill…

…in front of a bunch of cabins…

…and they needed two trucks to swap it.

So… that was interesting.  I spent the morning wondering what we were going to do when the trucks inevitably gave in to gravity and rolled down the hill.  I’m generally pretty paranoid, sure, but I seriously had doubts that they weren’t going to tip over given the incline they were on.

Anyway, we have a beefy new transformer powering the office part of camp!  Woooooo!

On the other hand, I keep on checking out and keep seeing stuff that grabs my attention and prys my wallet open.

In the last year, I’ve purchased the following items that appeared on sale:

  • an SSD I didn’t really need
  • controllers I didn’t really need
  • three sets of headphones I didn’t really need
  • a mouse I did not really need

…if you’re sensing a trend, it’s that I see stuff that I don’t need at lower than normal prices and lose all self control.