Wanna see bad doodling in action?  Watch the strip being made here.

This is one of the silly strips that I think I’ll always enjoy, even if I didn’t really like The Shining.  It’s dumb.

love dumb.

Speaking of dumb, I tried playing Final Fantasy X-2 this past week and was only able to stomach about two hours of it before I decided I couldn’t take anymore.

To call FFX-2 an insult to anyone who enjoyed FFX is more than just an understatement, it’s mistaking a mountain for a molehill.  This game was an absolute atrocity; characters acting completely out of character, horrible costume design, horrendous new characters/expanded roles for bit characters from the previous game, jumping tutorials…

…this thing was way worse than I could have imagined, and I imagined it was going to be pretty bad based off of what Jackie was telling me.  For your viewing pleasure, here’s a compilation of my minor journey into the world of FFX-2: