Yeah, sportsball comic!  I reserve the right for a sports related comic today seeing as how the Jets are playing the Bills on Thursday night football this week.

We’re currently 0-1 and really need to win this game.

We should have won last week against the Bengals, but things got a little screwy: in a game we lost by one point, we missed and extra point.  Also had a field goal blocked…


It was a game we absolutely should have had and we let it get away.  Whatever, things happen.  This week, though?  Must win.  Can’t go 0-2 to start the season, especially against our old coach (who now happens to coach the Bills).

In other news, I got totally destroyed by the rain coming home from work.  I actually had an umbrella with me, but the amount of wind and rain was too much for it to overcome; by the time I made it home, it looked like I was sprayed with a fire hose.

Even my underwear was soaked…

…also awesome.