Ok, so the game is almost 30 years old but… spoiler warning I guess?

Just in case?


I can’t remember if I mentioned that Rich and I finished up the Final Fantasy run a week or two ago and I’m too lazy to check.  So… we finished up the run and it was really neat.

Here’s my issue though.  So basically what happens in Final Fantasy is this:

  • [Present]  The heroes of light kill Garland
  • [Past]  Garland is resurrected 2,000 years in the past by the four monster things
    • Garland somehow doesn’t instantly reappear in the current day, but whatever
  • [Present]  The heroes of light kill the four monster things
  • [Present]  The heroes of light go back in time
  • [Past]  The heroes of light kill the four monster things
  • [Past] The heroes of light kill Garland
  • [Past and Present]  The day is saved

First off, they killed Garland in the present at the very beginning of the game… day saved as far as I’m concerned.  Who cares if Garland terrorizes the land for 2,000 years?  It already happened and now that he’s dead the world can move forward.  What does it matter if Garland constantly relives a 2,000 year sandbox?  The rest of the world marches on.

There’s a serious ethical question that FF doesn’t address… considering that the present will be different if they change the past, the heroes of light basically murdered 2,000 years worth of people.

I mean, the world was already hustling and bustling at the beginning of the game… it’s not like whatever Garland was doing was that bad…

I dunno, it seems like killing Garland in the past might have been a poor choice.