Awww man, vacation over.  On one hand, I basically did nothing all week and ti was great, but on the other hand I did nothing all week and I’m getting the feeling I should start actually doing stuff when I take vacations.

At least last time I played FF7.  I tried to do a FF13 run on Tuesday or Wednesday, but oh my gosh, I don’t remember the game being as awful as it felt this week.  I made it past the first major segment of the game (about 2 hours), and was blown away by the monotonous gameplay, awful dialogue, and crappy visuals.

I say crappy visuals not because FF13 is an ugly game, I say that because I happened to be playing the PC port and the port was horrendous.  It claimed to be running at 1440, but there’s absolutely no way that’s true, it looked like straight up garbage.

In other garbage related news (but on the more fun side of things), I watched the entire set of Saw movies this week.  Despite loving escape the room games and having a general interest in horror games I had never seen the Saw movies before.  For the most part, I loved it!  They were silly, campy, and most of them were pretty bad, but I had a great time with each one.

As a quick hit opinion on all of them:

  • Saw – A fun, low budget horror movie full of campiness and overacting
  • Saw II – Surprisingly well put-together but losing a bit of the charm of the original
  • Saw III – Not bad, but the focus appears to have moved from “figuring out the puzzles” to “hey, look at all this gore!”
  • Saw IV – Absolutely awful and chronologically all over the map to the point where you can never really be sure of when a scene is actually happening
  • Saw V – Gorefest that doesn’t advance the plot in any major way
  • Saw VI – Gorefest that had infinitely tighter visual storytelling than the previous four.  Doesn’t really advance the plot, but that ship sailed in Saw V.
  • Saw VII – lol

If you haven’t seen these, I’d definitely recommend them.  They’re not “good” but they’re fun.  Silly, bloody fun.