So yeah, we all got Amazon Echo Dots at our office Christmas party last week, pretty neat!  I haven’t used it all that much yet outside of it being an alarm clock, but it’s kind of cool to say “Echo (I changed the activation word away from Alexa), set an alarm for seven am tomorrow” and it does it.

Now you might be saying, “Alex, you have alarms on your phone.”

…sure, but now I have another alarm!

I can also tell it to play music on Amazon Prime Music which is pretty sweet.

Also, Rich and I finished up the Chrono Trigger run we were playing and are currently doing a new game plus to see all the endings.  While the game itself is pretty good, the real star of the show is the soundtrack.  More or less every tune is fantastic on it’s own, and for all of these amazingly great songs to all be from the same game is pretty remarkable.

Even if you never play the game, I’d recommend checking out the soundtrack!