Okie dokie, the streams are back!  Kind of, anyway.

In wanting to get back into a regular streaming schedule, there will be two days where I plan to stream “officially.”

Wednesdays will be comic-making-streams, Fridays will be game-streams.  Each will start around 8-8:30pm est (depending on when I get home that day).

There will be impromptu streaming on other days, but for the most part each Wednesday and Friday will have streams.  In the event that I am unable to stream on a particular scheduled day, I’ll mention it on twitter.

See you around!


Baaaaaaasically this strip came from me being totally hyped to play Resident Evil 7 and promptly not play it on release day, even though it was pre-purchased and downloaded in my Steam library.

Boooo to me.

That said, I’m totally gonna play the heck out of it on Friday.