Oooooooooooook, some housecleaning.  I’m going to be in California most of this week, so the “let’s make a comic” stream that’s normally on Wednesdays will be Monday night.  I won’t be back until like, 2am Saturday so… bleh.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, finished up Resident Evil 7 on Friday and I have no choice but to say that it was more or less exactly what I was hoping for.  A little on the short side (first playthrough was something like eight hours fifty-six minutes), but otherwise and amazing experience that despite the first person perspective and gorgeous graphics felt like I was playing RE1 again.

After the absolute cluster-f**k that was RE6, this was an incredibly positive change.  RE6 is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it was more of a fantasy power trip than it was a horror game.

So, if you haven’t played RE7, you should immediately.  Even if you haven’t played any Resident Evil before, RE7 is a good place to start.