So like, I get it.  We can eat nightshade…

certain nightshade.  Nightshade like potatoes and tomatoes.

…not like random nightshade flora out in the woods, which generally is poison.

I’m hoping I’m incorrect here about how poisonous certain types of nightshade are, but whatever the case may be I find it pretty weird that Nintendo is all like, “yeah, eat nightshade, it’ll make you a sneaky ninja.”

That seems irresponsible at best.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will likely cause zero nightshade consumption deaths… but why recommend that we eat it?  Let Link find some sneaky potatoes, or even get his Xenoblade on and find some cool potatoes?

Anyway… Zelda continues to be awesome.   I get the feeling so far that I might not get any huge dungeons that I’d normally like in a Zelda game, but it feels forgivable given how much other content there is.

No major complaints so far, a few minor ones, but still a great experience!