What?  Another gif-comic?  Crazy!

Anyone who happened to watch this one being made on Twitch was treated to what had to have been the most boring comic-stream in the history of the universe.  Basically only one thing was doodled and the rest of the time was me labeling assets for the loops and then setting keyframes and making hexagons and whatever to recreate the “searching for game” stuff in After Effects.

In the event you ever wanted to hear me say fun lines such as, “ok this will be p3_a1_01, then p3_a1_02, then p3_a1_03, and now p3_a2_01…” you missed a great opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, I don’t have fun Dunkin Donuts story this time.  That said, I’m still living off the high I got from that lady in the DD parking lot last weekend.  It’s seriously keeping me more entertained than I thought.

Also, they’re remaking IT.  I didn’t see the original movie version, but I guess I should get on that.  The teaser trailer for the new one looked pretty neat though.

In other horror news, I happened to watch the last 20 minutes of the 2016 Blair Witch movie.  All I have to say is… why did that movie get made?  There was a charm to the first (I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it, but have seen so many bits and pieces that I’ve more or less seen everything I needed to see), in the low quality footage and absolute lack of effects.  This new one looks way too fake.

I mean, it is fake… it’s a movie.  What I mean though is the camera work, while wobbly at times, is way too steady for folks allegedly running through the woods.  Also, rain… how in the heck is there no water on the lenses of their cameras?  There should have been both droplets and little streams of water in their footage.

There was not.

ALSO ALSO, what kind of cameras did these guys have?  They must have gotten some world class equipment because not only was the footage super sharp and image stabilized, but it was pouring in the bits I saw, so I guess they’re completely waterproof too.

Maybe it’s explained earlier in the movie how they had the cash to shell out for these cameras, but for a couple of random eighteen to twenty-somethings they had astoundingly great equipment.