What?!  Arbitrarily important strip number?  Crazy!

It is a little nuts that we’re now at strip 700.  That seems like a pretty decent amount.  That’s like 100… but seven times.

Neat!  Thank you all for reading and here’s to the next seven hundred.

I have no real story to write today other than one concerning rotisserie chicken.  Whenever I go home after work/gym, I aim to pick up a grocery store rotisserie chicken.  You know, those ones in plastic containers that sit on the heated shelving units.

They’re already cooked, taste pretty good, and are filling, so they make for a great dinner.  Unfortunately I’ve gotten home a little late most of this week and missed out on all the chickens.  I happened to snag one tonight before making, the strip, but there were only two left when I got to the store.

I want those chickens, Morty.  I’m not in this to avenge my dead family, Morty, that was fake.  Morty, I want those chickens, Morty.  That’s my arc, Morty.  Chickens, I want those-even if it takes me nine seasons I want those chickens, Morty.  Nine more seasons, Morty, those chickens, nine seasons, Morty.