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In the spirit of the Tales series, let’s take a moment to chat.  There hasn’t been a great Tales game in a while, Tales of Xillia being the last great one having come out in 2011 and the two major games since being pretty lackluster (Xillia 2 and Tales of Zesteria).

So when I purchased Tales of Berseria last week, I was expecting to be underwhelmed.  Now, ToB isn’t amazing or anything, but so far I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with how much fun I’m having.  The battle system isn’t as great as ToX, nor is the story, but the game is doing enough to hold my interest and show me a good time.

The main character, Velvet, is also pretty decent…

…except for a few things.  Velvet more or less feels like Milla Maxwell one of the lead characters from Tales of Xillia.  Velvet isn’t exactly the same, sure, but she’s basically Milla if she was designed by a really edgy teen who thinks black and red is the only color combination that can capture a tortured soul.

So Velvet is basically Milla designed by me when I was thirteen.

Milla happens to be my favorite Tales series characters and one of my favorite characters in general, so while I can definitely enjoy Velvet to a degree, it’s hard to really get attached to her.

…Velvet is kind of like a knockoff.