This is more or less the conversation I had with a trainer who came up to me at the gym on Friday offering some pointers.  While I’ve been going since November, I’m definitely not knowledgeable when it comes to lifting.

For the most part, the trainer laughed off my comment and then proceeded to show me how to properly curl…

…and oh my goodness the burning in my arm was unbearable.  To be fair, I had just finished my regular weights routine when he approached me, so my arms were pretty tired at this point, but after a few reps he goes,

“Ok, three more!” in the most positive, get motivated tone you can imagine.

Visibly shaking, grimacing, and struggling, I eeked out, “Three?  I don’t think I can even do one.”

The guy helped me finish the last three reps and I felt like my arm was going to fall off… which I guess is a good sign that I was finally using proper technique.

So… I learned something!

I like learning things!