Ok so Tales… of Symphonia.  Sure, this strip is a Zestiria one, but over the weekend I tried my hand at doing a timed ToS NG+ Any% run for the first time in forever.

Now, things were already going pretty poorly.  Outside of general menu-fu and gameplay mistakes, I forgot to talk to the priest in Asgard which led to two minutes of backtracking and threw everything off course in the first hour.

…but then the real goof happened about two and a half hours in.  While executing the Renegade base skip, I accidentally went through the south door in the gamecube room, which led to a game breaking scenario.

During this portion of the game, if you try to enter the Renegade base from the outside, you trigger a scene where Lloyd says something to the effect of “These are the guys that tried to capture me, let’s get out of here!” and then you instantly leave the zone.

…so I could no longer get back inside the area I needed to be in, two and a half hours flushed down the drain.

All I have to say is, “LOOK AT ME, I AM BLONDE.”