Yup… I got nothing.  There were a few Tales of Zestiria notes written down in my phone that I hadn’t used yet, but I wasn’t really feeling them.  So then I was all like “hey let’s play a game and I’ll get some stuff to work with.”

I picked up NeiR Automata on Steam, played for a few hours and… nope nothing.  Nothing yet, anyway.  This game is pretty amazing so far.  It’s totally out there but in a good way.

It’s an aerial combat vertical bullet hell scroller.

It’s also a top down 2d aerial combat shooter/brawler.

It’s also also a 3D StarFox on rails jet shooter.

It’s also also also a side scrolling brawler platformer.

It’s also also also also a top down 2D Robotron style shooter.

It’s also also also also also a 3D action brawler.

It’s also also also also also also a retro arcade black and white 2D top down shooter.

It’s also the most interesting new game I’ve played in forever.

I guess it’s also a JRPG in that theres quests and the “J” is J to the max.