Richard has never been to ummercamp.  This is important because he is sitting next to me right now and i s complaining about the amount of typos I make.

This is important because nothing about this strip is even related to ummercamp.

This is all about The Little Mermaid… cause why not?

The Little Mermaid is a great, fun movie fit for the whole family.

This is totally a regular post and I’m not just typing things in relation to what Richard is saying.

“It’s kind of hard to type and have a conversation,” said Rich, before saying, “you should keep your typos so everyone can see them… do you have to replace the backspace key on your keyboard a lot?  You should get a backspace counter cause you hit it so much it must be in the billions.”

FIRST OFF, RICHARD… This is not my keyboard, this is your keyboard.  I am unfamiliar with the spacing and feel of your lame-ass keys.  They don’t even have o-rings to reduce the travel time.  What kind of heathen are you.  You are the neanderthal of keyboard managers.

I’m not typing that.  Richard just said something very vulgar and hurtful regarding keyboards and genitals.

“This is a great post,” said Richard.

The Giants are currently losing.  Richard likes the Giants…

…take that, Richard.