Alex is super tired and will write stuff in the morning!


So yeah, this strip was based off a conversation Rich and I had last week.  I don’t recall Rich putting my game-playing skills on blast in quite the same way, but I guess he’s just toooooo nice.

There was a weird transition that happened between high school and college, and I don’t mean that in an educational sense.  Basically my entire life, I was the kid who was the “good at video games” kid.  Like, kids in elementary school would lend me game cartridges so I can beat the levels they were stuck on, I’d beat them that night, and return them in the morning.  Not much changed in high school.  I wasn’t beating stuff for folks anymore, but I’d still win pretty much every game.

Once college rolled around however.  Hooooo boy.

I learned that I suck at every game ever.  I think with the exception of Snowboard Kids and Snowboard Kids 2, I’d routinely get absolutely wrecked at every game.

This hasn’t changed since.  I get rocked off my butt at everything.  Sure, there are a few games I’m better than Rich at… but just a few.

With that in mind… it’s important to just enjoy playing even if you get your butt kicked all the time!

Also… I hammed it up more than usual doodling this strip, so if you want to hear some awful tone-deaf singalong nonsense, you can check that out HERE.