Heya!  Some of you might have noticed I didn’t stream making this strip and haven’t streamed as much as I usually do lately.  I’ve been sick the last few weeks and while I’m not dying or anything, the issue that’s been really bugging me is that my throat has been killing me, which really keeps me from talking/singing along like I prefer to do.

I’m hoping reducing the amount of talking I’m doing will help my throat get itself together and that I’ll be back to streaming regularly again.

Sorry about that!

On the Overwatch thing, Moria looks pretty sweet.  Multi-target healing, a Symmetra-esque health-sapping beam, a Kamehameha wave of healing/damage… that’s neat-o.

I’m a little worried about the slow healing supply regeneration when not dealing damage, but I get the feeling that it’ll get some tweaking as time goes on.  Definitely excited to play her!