So I’m sure everyone has heard about the EA fiasco recently regarding microtransactions in BF2, but in the event you haven’t it boils down to:

  • There are microtransactions to purchase in game items
  • These items are not purely cosmetic, they include things such as unlockable characters that are more powerful.
  • These items can be acquired through playing the game normally, but would require an absolutely immense amount of playtime to unlock… like eight hours a day for a year kind of time.
  • This makes the game a pay to win game, which is ridiculous when it’s a full priced (not free) game.

For all the lameness that folks feel towards Overwatch regarding the community, at least the game is awesome and any additional money that a player can pay would be for cosmetics, nothing that affects gameplay.

Hopefully enough people make a stink about what EA is doing and make it unprofitable.  If this becomes the norm, games simply won’t be fun anymore.