Here we go again, Net Neutrality is under attack.  For whatever it’s worth, there’s the petition thing and it’s a good idea to check out Battle for the Net.

The issue this time is that Republicans control the White House, the HoR, and the Senate so there is a stronger than not chance that this time the internet will actually be destroyed by these assholes.

I’m going to assume that pretty much everyone who reads this strip knows what this issue is about, but just in case the short story is that Net Neutrality keeps ISPs from affecting how you can experience the internet.

With NN in place, ISPs have to let you visit any website and cannot limit your speeds.

With NN gone, ISPs have the ability to limit your speed when visiting certain sites, and can keep you from visiting certain sites altogether.

Think of it like TV packages: depending on how much you pay, you can get more channels.

Currently you can visit any site you want at the speed you pay for.  Now imagine that you need to pay extra to visit YouTube, or Netflix, or here, or wherever.  Imagine if unless you pay your ISP more, every time you visit a site they specifically don’t financially gain from they slow your speed so much that it’s basically unusable.

Ajit Pai is an asshole.  I’m going to go out and get a little political and say that anyone who supports destroying Net Neutrality is an asshole.  Next year, we’ll have the opportunity to vote these shitheads out of office.  You’ll know who they are cause there is almost always an “R” next to their name.

Happy Thanksgiving.