Got back late last night, will post more stuff in the morning!


I was in NJ for the weekend for work stuff and was totally pooped out by the time I got home Sunday night.  Basically went straight to bed and quickly passed out.  The strip was made in advance, but I didn’t write up a post… maybe I should have done that in advance too.

Oh no.

Just in case you haven’t seen webcomic name, by the way, check it out.  It’s hilarious and I absolutely love it.

Anyways, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 continues to be a solid, enjoyable adventure with likeable characters.  It’s definitely becoming more “anime” by the second as the story progresses, but somewhere along the line JRPGs basically turned into interactive animes so it is what it is.

Do I like it as much as Tales games?  No, but it’s still great.  Definitely not worth getting a Switch just for it, but if you’re going in on that and Mario (and Zelda if you haven’t played it yet), I think it’s definitely a good time to pick one up.

Pooping at home has never been more entertaining.