Ok, so when I saw the demo or trailer or whatever for Superhot way back whenever that was, I thought it was totally cool and couldn’t wait to play it.   As it turns out I was able to get a free copy via a Twitch Prime reward, so hat was pretty neat.

On one hand, Superhot is a fantastic concept that genuinely delivers on it’s slow-mo, time-moves-as-you-do gameplay.

On the other hand, Superhot does everything it can to keep the player from actually playing the game.  There are numerous text segments that are all meta and talking about the itself, at times literally telling you how cool it is and what kind of ways to describe the game to your friends in order to advertise it.

I get the feeling that the creators of Superhot assumed that “meta = cool”.


Meta jokes and gameplay can be cool.  I also recently played Full Metal Furies with Rich and thought it was absolutely excellent.  Where FMF succeeds, SH falls flat on its face.

It tried to make some kind of commentary about you just being a dude sitting at your computer wasting you time, and while I guess that’s neat, these moments take the player away from the game itself.

I play games to play games, not to not play games.



Also, hearing “SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT” over and over is incredibly annoying.

Superhot loves one thing, itself.