Ok, so like the Jets got Sam Darnold in the draft.  I never really considered him to be a possibility for us since I (like most people in the universe) expected him to go #1 overall to the Browns.

Wellllll… the Browns took Mayfield and the Giants decided to take a RB #2 overall… so Darnold was suddenly available.  Now I definitely wanted Rosen, but that was before Darnold was a possibility.  Granted I still might have taken Rosen if I were the GM, but I am ecstatic that Darnold is a member of the Green and White.  LET’S GO, BABY!

On the other side of things, NieR Automata hard mode is still kicking my butt, with its hour long starting sequence that you can’t save during and multiple bosses that can one-shot you.

Let’s… not go, baby?