This morning was the first morning since being back in the city that I didn’t wake up sweating like crazy.  It’s been pretty hot here and the way my apartment is set up does me basically zero favors in regards to staying cool as a cucumber.

I am not cool as a cucumber.  I am a wilting, sweaty, wrinkled cucumber.

I am a pickle, pickled in my own sweat.

Now that’s what I call attractive.

Also, it’s time to give NieR Automata a second go!  After playing it last year I liked it so much that I had considered it the best game I had played in the last five to ten years, but I would need to do a second run of it to see if it holds up or if I was just experiencing a severe case or recency bias.

So far… I’m not sure either way.  It’s definitely great, but has a lot of hiccups.  The game was a slow burn for me though, the second half is really what gripped me the first time so maybe in a week or two I’ll change my tune.

I’ll be playing it on Twitch so if you wanna check that out that’d be sweet!  I don’t really have a set schedule at the moment, so… yeah!  I kind of play whenever.