Will write stuff in the morning, it’s 1:57am!


I know what you’re thinking: this is the worst rendering of The Lion King characters you’ve ever seen.  You’re absolutely right.  That said, Simba really does let himself go with the flow a little too much so soon after the stampede, no?

Dude needed a therapist and he instead decided to roll with two hobos who eat bugs.

As mentioned in the pre-morning bit, I finished up right around 2 am last night and I am now in full zombie-mode.  I also didn’t make it to the train early enough to get a seat, so my legs are kind of sore.  The train was super crowded by the time I grabbed a Q and there’s not much more in New York more uncomfortable than standing up in a shoulder to shoulder crowded train for an hour.

I also ran out of Disenchanted to watch while commuting and got really bored once 4G signal was lost… I am not great at the dinosaur “you have no internet” game.